Our adult study materials are written for the layman to lead adult sessions. There is background material for each session and then questions for discussion at the end of each session. If you have questions about any of our materials, you can e-mail us or call 800-221-0910 for further information.

6213 David's Faithfulness $7.95

by N. Raymond Day

This resource for adult Christian education is designed to encourage the exploration of matters of faith and life in an environment that respects the journey of each person. It can be used for many purposes including individual reading and study, group discussion of questions at the end of each chapter, and experimental discussion of the meaning of calling. This study guide is divided into two parts. The first part presents the author’s reflections about the nature of calling. The second part outlines ten sessions for group exploration of perspectives on calling.

6226 Living with Jesus and the Book of Job During Lent $10.95

By Elaine M. Ward

This six-session book is based on Job’s and our questions concerning the meaning of existence such as: Is this all there is? What are friends for? Why is there emptiness and misery? Where shall wisdom be found? What is resurrection? Where is my redeemer? Why is there evil and injustice? This study can be used for an individual or for a study group during Lent, or for an adult retreat with six sessions. Elaine Ward has woven parables into the prose.

6229 Journaling $7.50

By Anne Gilbert

This new resource is designed to initiate an interest or support one in keeping a journal, and attending, or leading a journal workshop. We seek answers through journaling, for no one can tell another the meaning, destiny, or direction of their life.

Through journaling we can become aware of a pattern of meaning, a "thread" that runs through our life. It forces us to be precise and particular. It is a process by which we can become aware of the "seeds" of potentiality, a record of our own personal way of coming into the presence of God. There is meaning in the events of our lives, as we become aware of our relationship with God through these events, and writing and reflecting upon them.

6314 The Beatitudes $7.95

by George E. Drew

The Beatitudes are Jesus’ answers to the Ten Commandments. They are not laws, but attitudes. This study program for high school through adult ages consists of ten sessions, the first one focusing on Jesus and what these attitudes meant to him. The second session helps with understanding what the words mean. The following eight sessions deal with each of the eight Beatitudes individually.

6336 The Prophets Speak To Our Time $7.95

by George E. Drew

The Hebrew nation produced a chain of remarkable religious geniuses which we call the Hebrew prophets. This nine-session study program includes a review of the setting of the prophet’s world. Also, eight prophets speak in the first person to tell their discoveries, made within their historical settings.

6347 The Parables in Depth $7.95

by George E. Drew

Parables make up the bulk of Jesus’ teachings. He used parables because they captured attention and made his teachings easy to remember. But beyond that, Jesus found storytelling to be an art form that expressed feelings and beliefs that were too deep to be communicated directly by human language. This 10-session study covers nine parables: The Sower, Workers in the Vineyard, The Rich Man and Lazarus, The Good Samaritan, The Wicked Husbandmen, The Talents, The Wedding Feast, The Prodigal Son, and The Last Judgment. This study program can be used for ages high school through adult.

6348 More Parables in Depth $7.95

by George E. Drew

Some of the parables covered in this ten-session study are: The Pharisee and the Publican, The Unjust Judge and the Reluctant Friend, The Evil Spirit Comes Back Home, The Rich Fool and His Barns, The Shrewd Manager, Whitewashed Tombs, and The House Built on the Rock. The goal of this study program is to search for three layers of meaning in each to: 1) understand the first layer of the story itself, as it must have been heard in its original time and place, 2) open up the second layer by asking why Jesus told the story and how it helps us today, and 3) discover and verbalize the soul-to-soul communication that comes through.

6351 Mysteries Of The Psalms $7.95

by George E. Drew

The book of Psalms is the greatest, most loved and most quoted treasury of poetry in all of literature. The Psalms have not only been a source of spiritual strength to both Jews and Christians, but they have served to inspire some of the greatest music ever written. The author examines the ancient book from a theologian’s viewpoint using the technique of asking a reporter’s five favorite questions: What are the Psalms? Why were they written? Who wrote them? When were they written? Where did they come from?

6358 St. Paul: He Created Christianity From Jesus' Religion $7.95

by Judy Gattis Smith

This is a book of joy written for church school teachers of all age levels, for joy is a quality of life that does not depend on age, circumstance, or mood. Joy is stable and reliable-rooted in God. We can express joy through our teaching. This resource outlines some fundamental understandings of joyful teaching and learning. It also offers a wide variety of learning activities for various age levels-activities through which teachers and learners can share God’s gift of joy with one another. Included are self-examination questions which will help one become a better teacher. An excellent resource for teacher training sessions.

6369 Ten Commandments/Today's World $7.95

by Judy George E. Drew

The Ten Commandments stand as the foundation of all law in the Western world to our present era. In our time, two thousand years later, new circumstances require further rethinking. This study guide discusses each of the Ten Commandments in three different ways in each of the ten sessions. First-try penetrating into Moses’ mind to discover his understanding of each commandment for his time and place. Second-examine how Jesus takes each of these laws and applies his own moral and human insight to update them for his own circumstances. Third-open up discussion on the application both Moses and Jesus might make of these basic principles to the problems of today.

6420 A Bible Read Through $1.00

by Henry R. Rust

Here is a plan for reading the Bible in historical order to get the gist and sequence of the biblical story. It is a study outline; it is a way of experiencing the scriptures.

6425 James $8.25

Henry R. Rust

In this study of nine sessions, you can address the great religious words and meanings which come from the two Johns who express a faith with which we can identify. You can discover meanings which come to us out of the first century church which truly “speak” to us in the twentieth century.

6435 John $7.95

by Henry R. Rust

This resource contains a series of activities based on each of God’s guides for living. Participants explore and experience inviting, informing and inspiring projects that are used to impart information and ideas. It is intended to help participants explore the Ten Commandments in creative ways, and to experience them as values for living rather than as restrictive laws. It is ideal for use with ungraded elementary ages. Instruction takes place through involvement in a series of Learning Centers. Provided in an easy-to-use format, the activities for each chapter list the materials required for the project, offer directions for advance preparation, and give complete directions for accomplishing the task.

6455 Ancient Answers $8.45

by Henry R. Rust

Leader’s Guide. We moderns seek the meaning of life amidst a vast array of problems, crises, and concerns. Some recognize that this is a spiritual crisis. This series of adult discussions aims at defining some of the basic questions we human beings face. It will seek answers to the `’ageless questions’’ we all have by looking at some of the `’ancient answers’’ the Bible offers, primarily from the book of Genesis. Mostly our questions about life are religious. Genesis gives theological answers! Babylonians and Egyptians had science. Advances were made in mathematics, astronomy, geology and medicine. The Greeks gave us philosophy. The Israelites gave us the Bible, including Genesis, which helps us ponder the purpose of human life. The biblical writings give theological answers to religious questions. Science answers the question `’what?’’ Theology answers the question `’why?’’ When we confuse the two we get into difficulty. (Also available: Item: 6456 Ancient Answers-participant’s books $1.95 each; Item: 6457 Ancient Answers—packet of 12 participant’s books for $19.95.)

6460 The Good News of Advent

by Henry R. Rust

Advent opens the Christian year. We Christians observe the season as anticipation and preparation for the most joyous holy day, Christmas. But the Advent season is a time for remembering the long Judeo-Christian heritage which is ours. For generations people looked forward to the time God would send a revelation, “one who is yet to come,” a Messiah, the Son of God! This adult Advent study emphasizes the message of the Prophet Isaiah, Second Isaiah, and a brief glance at the other Isaiahs. The intent of this study is to penetrate our hardened hearts and discover the divine purpose for our lives, just as the prophets sought to do. The crux of these four sessions is an understanding of who is this servant? Jesus is the Suffering Servant: our living Lord. Jesus is the Good News described by Second Isaiah.

6462 Followers of the Way $6.95

by Henry R. Rust

This adult course of six sessions is designed to go beyond the usual introductory study of Jesus’ life. It seeks to present the basic story of his life and teachings. But it takes into account the current emphasis of at least some scholars who are intent on getting back to an understanding of Jesus the person. Over the centuries scholars have sought to research the historical Jesus and discover what he did or did not really say. These sessions try to combine the traditional understandings of Jesus’ life, historically, with the findings of the now popular Jesus Seminar scholarship.`’Believeing’’ means “to give one’s heart to” and that is exactly what the first Christians did in becoming FOLLOWERS OF THE WAY OF JESUS. May it be the same for us!

6465 Yes! It's in the Bible! $8.45

by Henry R. Rust

Leader’s Guide.This series of sessions is about little known and little read books of the Bible, mostly in the Old Testament. The plan for these study sessions seeks to identify the writing, its author, historical context, spiritual message, and what the ancient message means for us today. These little known passages point us to `’that which is above’’ and lead us to new insights and spiritual awakenings. The sessions cover passages from Lamentations, Zechariah, Jonah, Proverbs-Psalms, Nehemiah, Daniel, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes I & II, Joel, Titus, and I John. 12 sessions. (Also available: Item: 6466 Yes! It’s in the Bible!-participant’s books at $1.95each; Item: 6467 Yes! It’s in the Bible! - packet of 12 participant’s books for $19.95)

6504 Peter, A Journey In Faith $7.95

by R. Scott Sullender

Participant’s Book. This ten-session adult study book explores the life of St. Peter in the New Testament from his call to discipleship to his tragic martyrdom. This study book features clearly written narrative, thoughtful discussion questions. (Also available: Item 6505: Peter, Leader’s Guide, for $2.00 each.)

6509 The Shape of The Christian Life $9.95

by R. Scott Sullender

This adult study focuses on the "Fruits of the Spirit": found in Galatians 5:22-23. The list serves as the outline for this exploration. Each lesson focuses on one trait, from both reliigous and psychological studies, with special attention on how we increase this fruit within ourselves and our children. when we manifest these traits, these fruits, we offer the best witness possible to our faith and by so doing plant the seeds for the next generation of disciples.

6520 Passing Through - 23rd Psalm $9.95

by R. Scott Sullender

“Passing Through” is a collection of 30 meditations on Psalm 23, designed to integrate sound mental health with the rich spiritual insights of this beloved Psalm. It is slanted toward people who are “passing through” difficult times in their lives, which at one time or another includes all of us. Its flexible format makes it suitable for adult classes, retreats, spiritual growth groups and personal devotion.

6607 When Christians Disagree $9.95

by Harvey and Lois Seifert

This eight-session adult study offers Christians an opportunity to share and hear different points of view on several important issues of today. The chapter titles are: How to Make Decisions on Complicated Issues, Contrasting Roads to World Peace, Contrasting Paths to Economic Justice, Disagreements about Abortion, Different Roads to Political Freedom, Conflicts about Homosexuality, Ways to Preserve the Earth, and What Can I Do? There are also reproducible worksheets.

6815 Creative Aging $5.00

by William Meyer

Every church could use the five session outlines in this resource to help adults affirm that life can be an exciting adventure through the decades. The five session themes are: Aging Has Its Ups and Downs, The Mid-Life Crisis-Fact or Fiction?, Will It Be A Happy Retirement (or is it now)?, Facing Death Unafraid, and Creative Aging Means Transcendence. In these sessions, the author of Nice Things About Growing Older offers insight on how aging can be a spiritual adventure.

6825 Golden Opportunities $10.95

Edited By Kristen Kemper

Older adults have been called both the opportunity and the challenge of this decade. The opportunity lies in utilizing the gifts of this growing population of responsible, talented persons, not only for their own well-being, but for the good of the church. The challenge lies in reaching this group and meeting its varying needs with meaningful educational programs, assistive services and opportunities for interaction with all generations. Golden Opportunities is a collection of 30 articles that will assist you in evaluating and meeting the needs of older adults in your church and community.


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