Herein you will find many teaching resources, supplementary materials, and some full curriculums for children. Our materials are easy-to-use, offering complete instructions for the teacher and lots of “how-to” suggestions. If you have questions about any of our materials, you can e-mail us or call 800-221-0910 for further information.


5115 Being Human: Learning Thru Feelings $9.95

By Elaine M. Ward

This course of study is a way of learning more about the persons we are teaching. Such an understanding is crucial to teaching children, because it is through their feelings that children learn. The introduction and nine sessions in this teaching resource focus on the feelings of anger, contrition, forgiveness, sadness, satisfaction, self-esteem, joy, fear, shyness, trust and love.

5130 Creative Arts & Crafts, Old Testament $9.25

By Anne Gilbert

An ideal craft and project supplement for teaching Old Testament stories to children ages 8-12. The 44 projects accompany stories from Creation to the Prophets.

5131 Creative Arts & Crafts, New Testament $9.25

By Anne Gilbert

This resource is designed to supplement teaching New Testament stories to children ages 8-12. The 44 projects accompany stories from John the Baptist through the Early Church.

5143 Old Testament Stories $7.95

by Elaine M. Ward

The stories from the New Testament are to be told. Stories that are shared orally are part of the heritage of the church. The message of its (collective) and our (individual) salvation is its mission. As church educators it is our message and mission as well. Over 40 stories are included in this book which are retold or interpreted. This resource concludes with over 20 activities which will help bring these stories to life. A good supplementary resource to use with children.

5177 Growing With The Bible $7.95

by Elaine M. Ward

Perfect for church or home, this resource contains almost 50 stories drawn from the Old and New Testaments. The stories are adaptations of the Bible, written in a way that even young children can understand and gain meaning from. Each story is followed with a prayer, questions for discussion, and activities.

5183 Dictionary of Biblical Crafts $17.95

by Phyllis Wezeman

This new craft resource offers easy-to-use instructions for 52 biblical themes. It is designed in a "dictionary" format so that the user can look up one specific word and find a "definition" as well as "directions" for a variety of projects based on that theme. For each topic, such as Anchors, Angels, or Arks, an overview is offered and three projects are outlined. For each of the three ideas, the required materials are listed under "Provide" and the suggested method is detailed under "Proceed."

This collection is a valuable tool for leaders in Worship, Education, Nurture, and Outreach settings in a congregation, as well as caregivers in a home, and teachers in a school. Every church library will want one!

5185 Puppet Projects $10.95

by Phyllis Wezeman

This new resource encourages care and concern for God’s creation by emphasizing the use of reusable materials for puppetry projects. It contains 25 learning experiences designed to help people of all ages, but especially children, discover and develop ways to use the puppetry activities to learn Old and New Testament stories. Each of the 25 activities contains: purpose, scripture passage, preparation, and procedure. Some of the stories used are: Adam and Eve, Noah, Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, David and Goliath, Elisha and the Widow, Daniel, Jonah, Feeding the 5000, The Unforgiving Servant, The Lost Coin, and the Ten Lepers.

5190 52 Action Rhymes, Poems and Finger Plays To Teach God's Love $6.95

by Kathy Frank

Any church school teacher of young children knows how much they love finger plays and rhymes. Using these rhymes with them presents a great opportunity for reinforcing the material which children already know as well as introducing new information. The topics cover: God, Jesus, seasons, animals, family, friends, and prayer. This resource is an effective way to get children eagerly involved in the learning experience.

5195 Joyful Teaching/Joyful Learning $10.95

by Judy Gattis Smith

This is a book of joy written for church school teachers of all age levels, for joy is a quality of life that does not depend on age, circumstance, or mood. Joy is stable and reliable-rooted in God. We can express joy through our teaching. This resource outlines some fundamental understandings of joyful teaching and learning. It also offers a wide variety of learning activities for various age levels-activities through which teachers and learners can share God’s gift of joy with one another. Included are self-examination questions which will help one become a better teacher. An excellent resource for teacher training sessions.

5197 Developing a Child's Spiritual Growth $12.95

by Judy Gattis Smith

This innovative book offers church school teachers a unique approach to bringing children closer to God through the discovery of their five senses. By helping young children become more aware of what they are seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching, this book will open a whole new realm of God’s love for them. This resource includes instructions for developing a full year of brief, sensitizing experiences. Rewarding for child and adult alike, these easy-to-use experiences fall into five broad categories: Experiencing Worship Through the Spiritual Classics, Experiencing the Psalms, Experiencing God Through Themes in Scripture, Using Body Postures, and A New Look at the Familiar.

5198 Teaching to Wonder Spiritual Growth through Imagination and Movement $12.95

by Judy Gattis Smith

Judy Gattis Smith offers Christian educators a dynamic resource for teaching children about God and creation. This book utilizes movement, rhythm, and imagination to enhance a child’s understanding of the world around him or her. Practical and easy-to-use, the ideas and activities in this book are designed for teachers of young children. As teachers we need to constantly anticipate and plan for possible moments of awe, wonder and delight. We need to show children how to approach life with wonder and reverence. Wonder is astonishment at God’s power and activity. A sense of wonder at God’s creation inspires us with a desire to understand and know the Creator more fully.

5206 Lessons for Lent: Learning About Jesus $8.50

by Anna Liechty and Phyllis Wezeman

During the course of his life and ministry, Jesus gave himself many names. From each of these as well as other names given to Jesus, we learn more about who Jesus is and what it means to be a Christian. In this study, Lessons for Lent, participants will learn that Jesus is the “Only Door,” the “Good Shepherd,” the “True Vine,” the “Great Physician,” the “Good Teacher,” and “The Messiah.” Through involvement in a variety of lessons, experiences and activities, young people will come to a deeper understanding of who Jesus is.

5209 Laws to Love By: The 10 Commandments $14.95

by Phyllis Wezeman and Judy Chase

This resource contains a series of activities based on each of God’s guides for living. Participants explore and experience inviting, informing and inspiring projects that are used to impart information and ideas. It is intended to help participants explore the Ten Commandments in creative ways, and to experience them as values for living rather than as restrictive laws. It is ideal for use with ungraded elementary ages. Instruction takes place through involvement in a series of Learning Centers. Provided in an easy-to-use format, the activities for each chapter list the materials required for the project, offer directions for advance preparation, and give complete directions for accomplishing the task.

5211 Learning The Lord's Prayer $14.95

by Phyllis Wezeman and Judy Chase

This resource offers a series of program designs focusing on a study of "The Lord's Prayer." In each chapter the prayer that Jesus taught is examined phrase by phrase. Activities, designed for use in learning centers, are developed to help participants explore and experience various aspects of each petition. This valuable resource is for anyone involved in the worship, education, outreach or nurture ministries of a congregation.

5224 Co-Workers in Creation $9.95

by Kristen Kemper

This is a creative approach to introduce elementary aged children to the wonders of God’s world and their responsibility as caretakers of it. Designed as a five-day Vacation Church School program, this resource emphasizes the positive steps one can take so that the children are not overwhelmed by the enormity of the world’s environmental problems. The themes are developed through stories, discussion, outdoor exploration, drama, games, crafts, music, worship, experiments and writing.

5236 Festival of Faith $39.95

by Anna Liechty, Phyllis Wezeman, and Judith Chase

This curriculum is a 5-day Vacation Church School program designed to invite children to participate in the story of the Christian faith as it unfolds through the seasons of the church year and shapes the lives of God’s people throughout the world. Learning takes place actively in large and small groups, and individual settings. Helps children understand the church seasons around the world.

5240 Jonah the Reluctant Prophet $9.95

by Donald Marsden and Kathy Ames

The book of the prophet Jonah is a short book with a profound message. Although it is a book of scripture which children enjoy, its message is deeply challenging, even to the adult believer. This curriculum was written as a Vacation Church School program based on a three-hour schedule for elementary children. Each session includes: Learning Goals, Background about the Scripture, and Learning Activities. Each day the children will define biblical terms taken from the scripture and create their own Bible Dictionary. Then several Learning Activities are offered to tell and reinforce the Jonah story, including crafts, role-playing and drawing. Unique to this curriculum is an illustrated storybook or coloring book which may be ordered separately for each student. (Also available: Item: 5241 Jonah-students’ storybooks at $2.50 each.)

5265 Discover David $19.95

by Mary Nelson Keithahn

An exciting curriculum on David which can be used for Vacation Church School, intergenerational settings or in confirmation programs. This curriculum offers a variety of learning activities that will enable participants to work with manageable bits and pieces of the story until they can put them all together in a meaningful way.

5268 Meet Moses $29.95

by Mary nelson Keithahn

Moses is the most important character in the collection of oral and written stories that make up the Book of Exodus. This curriculum is organized in two tracks with additional session plans for preschoolers. Track 1, God’s Covenant with the Hebrews, helps learners become acquainted with the whole story of the Exodus, from the birth of Moses to the arrival of the Hebrews at the edge of the Promised Land. Track 2, Moses: Prophet of God, gives learners an opportunity to learn more about Moses and discover how God worked through him to establish the covenant with the Hebrews.

5302 Answering Children's Faith Question $10.95

by Elaine Ward

Helping children understand life is a long-term process of "being there" to give responses, tell parables, participate in prayer, and even more, being there because our presence matters. Listening with love and respect means valuing the asker and appreciating the question and the child's search to know. Each theme has a scripture, guided faith meditation, poem, and prayer. Use it as a way of getting children to communicate with god, creating their own prayers out of their unique relationship with God.

5317 Ash Wednesday Through Easter $6.00

by Elaine M. Ward

Elaine Ward has written a Lenten devotional book especially for children. It encourages youngsters to “walk and talk” with Jesus during Lent, as a way of being with God. There are daily readings, and once a week a suggestion for lighting the Lenten cross, for Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”

5401 All About Children $10.95

by Elaine Ward

This book is for church educators, parents, pastors, and all those who live, work, and play with children. Written in the format of sessions, possible suggestions for using it are a weekend retreat or teacher training sessions. The format for each session contains the theme, scripture, content, discussion and reflection questions, and activities. Topics cover Children Need: To Belong, Trust, to Know God, Limits, Models of Faith, To Express Themselves, Love.

5402 All About Teaching Peace $6.95

by Elaine M. Ward

Peace is on our minds and hearts today, for there is war and hostility and hatred around the world. We have this because some people have and other people have not. Peace that is not based on justice for today and tomorrow is not a lasting peace. There cannot be peace among people until there is peace within people. Here is a resource full of ideas for teaching peace, being peacemakers and answering the timeless question, “But what can I do?” Many stories are given, an excellent bibliography is listed and several discussion starters are suggested for use.

5406 Teaching Children About Prayer $6.95

by Judy Gattis Smith

One of the ways we want our children to grow spiritually is through prayer, but often the hardest lesson we have to teach children is how to pray. This resource of five sessions (Attitudes; How Do We Approach God?; Prayers of Adoration; Confession and Thanksgiving; and Prayers of Supplication) will help teachers of elementary grade children meet that challenge.

5408 Using God's World in Christian Education $5.75

by Elaine M. Ward

Here you will find more than 100 outdoor activities which can be used in Christian education programs for children, youth, adult or intergenerational groups. The activities are listed under 12 themes: God created...light, night, water, air, flowers, trees, food, birds, insects, animals, and people.

5410 Create and Use Bulletin Boards that Teach $12.95

by Colleen Britton

This book on creating and using bulletin boards is a dream come true for all those church school leaders and teachers who are looking for inexpensive and clever ideas which will not only give their class a focal point of interest but most of the ideas used compliment church school lessons. Well planned bulletin boards can help set the mood of the classroom. They can awaken learners’ curiosity and provide a focus for discussions and other learning activities. They can be used to introduce new lessons, to motivate further study, and encourage participation in continuing lessons. Besides the over 50 bulletin board designs, you will find a section on utilizing bulletin boards effectively and basic design and construction tips.

5414 With Banners Unfurled $10.95

by William Hull

Banners can be colorful, symbolic and simple, not to mention inexpensive. They are fun to make and many hands can take part in producing them. This how-to book contains 10 projects for elementary through senior high youth. It gives complete instructions for constructing several kinds of banners and flags from easily obtainable materials and fabric glue. The projects are also accompanied by appropriate services of worship and suggestions for discussion to bring meaning to the experience of constructing banners and flags.

5415 In The Fall $7.95

by Elaine M. Ward

The fall becomes a time to pick and choose selectively how we celebrate the fall through: stories, poetry, music, writing, hands-on activities. These ideas can be used in a variety of settings: in the church school classroom, at home, for an intergenerational event, during children’s worship and many other ways. Church school teachers, day school teachers, religious education directors and parents will find this a valuable resource for celebrating the season of fall.

5418 In The Summertime $5.95

by Elaine M. Ward

A resource full of ideas for summer activities and stories for children. These ideas will help you make summer a special one for your children.

5420 Peacemaking Creatively Through The Arts $19.95

by Phyllis Vos Wezeman

This is the best handbook available for teaching peacemaking to children. Full of fresh, innovative ideas, the nine chapters cover Peace in the Family, Congregation, School, Neighborhood, Community, State, Nation, World and Peace with Self. Each chapter includes 25 activities to help children explore numerous peacemaking concepts such as cooperation, communication, stewardship, global awareness and conflict resolution. Each chapter contains activities developed through: architecture, art, banners/textiles, cartoons, clown/mime, creative writing, culinary arts, dance/movement, drama, games, music, photography, puppetry and storytelling.

5430 Children and the Biblical Story $7.95

by Elaine M. Ward

Faith stories provide children their roots, helping them form and feed their faith. This book is written for adults who care that children hear the sacred story that feeds their faith and hope, stories of core biblical experiences, and learn to choose the appropriate story for their audience. It will help you choose stories related to children’s feelings that will ignite and stimulate their imaginations. This book may be used by worship leaders, teachers of children, and parents in workshop, retreat, class, home, or worship settings.

5431 Children and Worship $7.95

by Elaine M. Ward

Children learn to worship by worshiping. They need their parents and other significant adults to role model worshiping. They need the experience of watching and participating in worship to learn what it is all about. This is an ideal resource for worship committees, teachers, parents, and church members who are responsible for the spiritual growth of children.

5432 Children and Prayer $7.95

by Elaine M. Ward

Children “wish with” adults who model and teach prayer, providing the resources and the environment for prayer. This book is written for those adults who wish for resources that will help them do such teaching and modeling. Children need time to pray at church, to discuss and ask questions about prayer and their prayer life. Though there are children who are quite comfortable with silence and the unseen, many others feel, “If God won’t talk to me, why should I talk with God?” When children are attuned to prayer, adults are called to be open to the variety of ways God speaks.

5433 Children and Drama $12.95

by Elaine Ward

Dramatizing stories helps children remember, organize, cooperate and take turns, strengthening their imagination which increases their abilities to hope and cope with present, past and future circumstances. By enacting stories children are helped to recall. This new release from Elaine Ward offers a variety of ways to use drama in the church school: get acquainted activities, biblical stories, choral readings, movement, pantomime, charades, etc. Drama develops skills in communicator, imagination, movement and understanding. Drama provides a way for participates to act out their feelings and ideas as a means of exploring life and gaining insights. Try this new resource in your classroom to offer new drama experiences for your youngsters.

5440 50 Nifty Things to do with a Grocery Bag $6.95

by Denise Krebs

The first square-bottom grocery bags were made in 1883. So for well over 100 years they have served many useful purposes. This book is full of nifty ideas to recycle those bags which you bring home from the grocery store week after week. Don’t just throw them away! Here you will find many delightful projects to make from them. In this fun resource find directions to make beads, origami, luminaries, paintings, papier mache, pinatas, quillery, and much more.

5481 Growing Up Christian in a Sexy World $10.95

by Cinda Gorman

Fifth and sixth graders can take this course with their parents to prepare together for the changes of adolescence in a world of pressure to conform. This guide outlines six complete sessions with reproducible worksheets for classroom use. The session themes are: Everyone Has Something to Say About Sex, Does Everyone Feel As Different As I Do?, Good Grief-What’s Happening to Me?, Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention, “How Did I Get Here?”, and Being Alike, Being Liked, Being Myself.

5701 Growing Together in the Church $29.95

by Anne Gilbert

As a teacher of young children, you are laying the foundation both for their relationship with the Christian Church and for their journey of faith. This curriculum for two-, three-, and four-year-olds will guide you in providing a warm, friendly environment in which young children may find answers to questions about themselves, their friends and the world around them. This curriculum offers monthly themes for September through May: My Family, My Church, Harvest Time and Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas, Our Pets and Animal Friends, Our Friends and Helpers, Our Friend Jesus, God’s World, and I’m Growing. Growing Together in the Church is designed in an easy-to-use format with three major sections: “A Teacher’s Manual,” “The Lesson Plans,” and “Resources.”

5776 Feelings Grow Too! $9.95

by Elaine M. Ward

It is our feelingsthat cause us to participate in life fully. Feelings are good, but it is up to us to decide what to do with our varying feelings and how we can use them to the “glory of God.” This curriculum of twelve sessions will help the young child (ages 4-8) to begin to recognize, identify, express and appreciate his or her own feelings. The 12 emotions covered are: fear, sadness, hurt, anger, forgiveness, wonder, curiousity, love, joy, self-esteem, satisfaction and shyness. Each session contains a story, aids for telling the story, suggestions for discussion and a bibliography for that feeling.

5812 Joseph's Jigsaw $5.95

by Colleen Wiessner and Phllis Wezeman

This celebration provides the opportunity to draw parallels between the experiences and feelings Joseph encountered and current, everyday situations.

5813 On The Move With Moses $5.95

by Colleen Wiessner and Phyllis Wezeman

This celebration takes the participants on a journey to the promised land. A series of numbered bags, each containing a story object and supplies for the related activity, mark the trail for the travelers.

5814 Gleanings From Ruth $5.95

by Colleen Wiessner and Phyllis Wezeman

The events of Ruth’s life are woven together using `’H’’ words such as happiness, heartbreak, honor, homeless, hunger, harvest, hearth. The concept of gleaning and its applications in modern day life become meaningful through involvement in this celebration.

5815 A Day With David $5.95

by Colleen Wiessner and Phyllis Wezeman

Three important aspects of David’s life form the focus of this celebration. "David the Shepherd" centers on praise, "David the Annointed" concentrates on chosenness and "David the Victor" emphasizes reliance on God.

5821 Barnabas $5.95

by Colleen Wiessner and Phyllis Wezeman

As children unwrap a series of brightly decorated packages, they will discover the gifts that Barnabas, an early Christian leader, gave the church. Learners will explore and experience Barnabas’ special gifts of encouragement.

5822 Lydia $5.95

by Colleen Wiessner and Phyllis Wezeman

These lessons are woven together through a series of stories and activities involving a variety of purple fabrics and various textile techniques.

5823 Mary's Memories $5.95

by Colleen Wiessner and Phyllis Wezeman

The story of Paul’s conversion will be explored and experienced using a variety of visual techniques. Activities on themes such as Spite, Fright, Sight and Insight are some of the segments.

5950 Special Time For Special People $8.95

by John Wetherwax

This book of children’s messages will fill that time that many pastors dread doing-the Children’s Moment. Here are easy-to-use messages using a few readily available props and a short talk. Often an idea is presented with several questions to bat back and forth between the minister and the children. The general theme used is “All people are special and loved by God.” Simple language is used so the children will find the messages understandable and relevant.


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