Here are resources mostly geared for weekend retreats. Some can be easily adapted for adult study sessions. If you have questions about any of our materials, you can e-mail us or call 800-221-0910 for further information.

3318 Stonework: A Weekend Retreat $6.50

By Jane Grant

The goal of this intergenerational weekend retreat is to build bridges between people and a foundation for your group. Throughout the retreat, participants will hear and reflect upon various biblical passages about rocks and stones so that individual spirituality is enriched and their sense of community is strengthened both with one another and with God. The five sessions designed to span Friday evening through Sunday morning culminate in a worship service ôLord, My Rock and Redeemer."

3324 The Feast $5.95

By Robert Stowe

This intergenerational two-day retreat focuses on the agape feast of the early church and what this type of meal meant to early Christians. Each of the four sessions deals with a different aspect of this celebration and includes related activities. It offers participants an opportunity to explore the meals in the Bible, interpret a biblical feasts for their lives, and experience an agape feast.

3337 3 Avenues Of Spiritual Development $6.50

By Robert V. Dodd

Here is a guide for holding an adult retreat focusing on spirituality. Because most people live their lives in perpetual motion and really do not know how to relax or enjoy leisure time, opportunities for rest and recreation are built into the suggested retreat schedule. In such a context, the demands of hectic schedules are set aside so that God’s Word might speak to us. Written as a three-session retreat, it can be adapted for an adult class in the local church.

3340 The Sower and the Seed $7.95

By Elaine M. Ward

This is a five-session adult retreat based on the parable in Mark 4:38. The parable unveils the true loyalties and devotion of the hearer. Jesus gives hope to the peasant farmer...a bumper crop by which he can eat, pay rent, tithes, debts, and perhaps even buy the land itself, and be released from the bondage to his landlord. Liberation from worries, wants and wishes! From what do you need liberation? What is the kingdom of God like for you? There is structure which allows for spontaneity and flexibility.

3342 Angels Among Us $6.95

By Elaine Ward

This valuable booklet for all administrators, teachers and parents contains summaries of the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual characteristics of Nursery through Junior High youth. This basic teaching resource is a must for anyone in education. Get one for each member of your staff. Order 6 or more and the price drops to $2 each!


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