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3511 Third Century Liturgy $5.95

by Henry R. Rust

A service derived from the oldest communion service of which we have the text. By worship with this liturgy, the root of all later forms, we show our unity with Christians of all traditions.

3512 After The Manner of The Pilgrims $5.95

Edited by Henry R. Rust

Here is an authentic service developed for the Old South Church of Boston. This church, organized in 1669, has moved from the historic Old Meeting House in downtown Boston to their location in Copley Square in the Back Bay, but each Thanksgiving the congregation worships, in costume, in the historic old, first church. It is presented as a worship experience which can be used “as is” or adapted so as to fit particular congregations and their own history.

3513 Worship Of The Frontier $5.95

By Henry R. Rust

The westward expansion of our country called forth new forms and moods of worship. This was the period of the Camp Meeting after “The Great Awakening.” Inspired Circuit Rider ministers organized Camp Meetings-the church of the frontier-and the worship that went with it.

3514 Turn-of-the-Century Worship $5.95

By Henry R. Rust

This service for many will be reminiscent of our childhood experiences in church. In the early 1900’s worship was friendly but reverent, simple but dignified. The music was “ambitious and elevated.” The sermon-preaching of the Word was emphasized. This was the period of the Gospel Hymn, which is still nostalgic for many modern American Christians.

3520 Twenty Voices: Pentecost Service $5.95

By James Bowser

Here is a complete worship service which uses 20 members of your congregation to briefly go through 20 centuries of church history from the perspective of a person of that time. Prior to the Sunday morning service, each reader representing a particular century is given his or her short reading to practice beforehand. Then during the service when the minister announces “First Century” that particular person reads his/her selection, and then so on through the centuries. This is an interesting way to bring the meaning of Pentecost to your congregation.

3530 Nice Things About Growing Older $7.75

by William Wiswall Meyer

This compilation of over 60 meditations for those over 60 accentuates the positive and celebrates the joys of retirement and elderhood. You will find it to be an ideal source of uplifting meditations as you minister to people in convalescent and nursing homes. It also makes a thoughtful gift for the homebound members of your congregation, as well as being an excellent retirement present.

3532 People of God at Prayer $8.95

edited by Henry R. Rust

This volume contains a wide variety of prayers from ministers in differing kinds of parishes. Included are prayers for the Christian year, general pastoral prayers, and for special occasions; such as for the season, secular holidays, and prayers for specific themes or situations.

3541 Our World, God's World $8.95

Edited by Henry R. Rust

Preaching is speaking to the “human condition.” This collection of sermons highlights for us all the grave concerns of the decade for over-population, global warming, waste disposal and the myriad of environmental problems accompanying them all. It also reflects the new theological concerns brought to the fore by “our world.” These are provocative statements of current, modern, practicing preachers making their proclamations in the parishes they serve.

3542 As I See It: Sermons on Contemporary Issues $10.95

Edited by Henry R. Rust

In this intriguing set of sermons, very original and courageous preachers from across the country share their struggles to discern God’s will for our time. The 13 sermons address contemporary issues on which many pulpits have remained silent, such as abortion, AIDS, drug abuse, homosexuality, inclusive language, lying and profanity. Each of the sermons is followed by several questions and thoughts for discussion.

3543 What Does God Require? $8.95

Edited by Henry R. Rust

In the church of today a minister needs to preach “the sermon on the amount” at least once a year. In this book of sermons we present a variety of approaches to speaking on stewardship from the voices of parishes across our land. These are experienced leaders of congregations intent on communicating the stewardship responsibilities of modern-day Christians. This volume also includes a list of Bible sources for stewardship as well as a complete fund-raising approach for churches.

3551 Be The Good News $5.95

by Henry R. Rust

This festival makes full use of scripture and contemporary materials in the liturgy. The important point is the theme around which the service is planned. It attempts to “be contemporary” and any further adaptation or creativily used to speak to parish particularties, should be used.

3575 Liturgies Of The Earth $8.95

By Richard Kuykendall

The holy days we observe in the Christian Holy Year serve to connect us to our religious tradition, and help us not to forget our past. More than this they nurture in us a sense of the sacredness of the way that God has moved throughout the history of our faith. Liturgies of the Earth shows us that the earth too has its holy days, and in observing these through the vehicle of liturgy, we can see our connectedness to the earth and its changing seasons.In addition to eight liturgies, this guide includes a complete introduction covering “A Parable of the Earth,” “Creation Spirituality,” “The Importance of Ritual,” and “The Number of the Earth.”

3615 Faith Imagination and the Spirit $9.95

by Elaine M. Ward

Praying with imagination encourages a new way of perceiving reality, not limiting it to the outward, tangible form of things, but a new vision that enables us to be aware of the Center and Source of life and all creation. The language of imagination invites us to participate, to see, feel, dream, and play. Use these guided faith meditations based on biblical stories for individual devotions, corporate worship in the sanctuary, or retreat meditations. Each one includes a Bible reading, guided faith meditation and a prayer.

3660 Voices Crying in the Wilderness $12.95

by John Mansell and Allene Parker

Voices still cry out in the wilderness in ways that communicate the gospel message for these days while offering nurture, hope and new challenges. This resource is a collection of four articles and 14 plays. Most of the casts are small, some are monologues; but these can be used in a variety of ways. The articles provide introductory material on sacred drama with suggestions for using the plays in several church contexts from informal Readers’ Theatre situations to formal church worship settings. The plays feature characters and events from the Old and New Testaments and are suitable for groups of children, youth, or adults to use throughout the liturgical year.

3801 Eyes to See Wholeness $22.50

by Doug Adams

This book is designed to help us understand a painting or sculpture presenting many viewpoints, many biblical texts, and many theological ideas to integrate our lives rather than illustrating only one passage. Some artworks present the whole biblical story to eyes which see; and this book helps us see artworks have power to bring diverse audiences together to sense a wider whole. This book will help ministers and teachers of all age groups inform their classes using significant visual arts, for religious studies (especially biblical and theological), as well as liturgical and homiletical studies. These chapters combine seeing, hearing, and doing to make for memorable biblical and theological studies, and engaging worship, preaching, and education to aid intergenerational learning. (120 photographs, 225 pages)

3812 Faith Moves $9.95

by Helen Lorbeer Gray

Sacred dance is a creative way of expressing our emotions to God. Used in the worship setting, it lets us speak to God through dance. This is a re-issue of Helen Lorbeer Gray's book As We Pray Together: A Devotional Interpretation of The Lord's Prayer. It offers instruction on how to use "disciplined directed motion"-- dance, if you will -- as a way to worship God.

Alan A. Hunter wrote that you should "let something of the rhythm of life itself flow through your entire being as your body expresses adoration, penitence, hunger of spirit, or self-offering to the Most High."

Every congregation has some people who are looking for creative expression,and sacred dance is the perfect outlet! Gather such a group and let them begin exploring the possibilities of sacred dance. Soon they will be performing in your worship setting on a regular basis. Everyone will be astonished with their efforts.


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